Chiropractic Testimonials

"They had quite a few interesting magazines, which made my time in the waiting room go by much faster. I knew I was getting top-of-the-line treatment when they told me about what they learned at the latest conference they attended, and how they were incorporating that knowledge into the practice. I was in awe at the level of service I received. They completely surpassed all my expectations and I will absolutely be going back. As far as I'm concern , he is the best and will not have you coming if not needed."

- Danny J.

"I've been under Dr. Benison's care since February 2004 and consider him to be the major reason my body is getting healthier as I get older. Instead of deteriorating with age, my alignment, range of motion, posture, muscle tone and flexibility has improved. In August 2012 I'll be 53 and my body feels better than ever. Dr. Benison's whole person approach to health care is beyond compare. I've ne...ver met a more caring doctor who is truly concerned about me as an individual and who never tires of researching to answer my questions. He takes time and treats me like I'm his only patient. Chiropractic care is not a magic pill for health, it takes my time and working in partnership with Dr. Benison is truly a joy and the best decision I ever made."

- Ann B.

"For more years than I recall, I have been tolerating back, neck, and hip pain which I chalked up to the aging process of my body. In the not too distant past, I had consulted with other Chiropractors and received treatments with limited success, which only reinforced my belief that the discomfort I experienced was in fact due to the aging of my body.

After seeing the improvement you brought about in Mary's condition, I decided to try your methods of treatment.

After several weeks of your hands-on approach to Chiropractic, I have once again become a true believer in this treatment for my condition. I have been able to return to exercise regimens which I had given up as beyond my endurance. My hip, knee, and neck pains have all but disappeared."

- Carmine S.

"I have always been familiar with Chiropractic care, and have had several treatments from other chiropractors in the past. Early last year, I started experiencing headaches, sinus infections, and migraine symptoms that started to inhibit my work and quality of life. I wasn't seeing a chiropractor or any other physician for these symptoms and I thought it would be beneficial for me to see a chiropractor again. In my line of work, I meet many different physicians on a daily basis, including chiropractors. I had numerous choices regarding whom I could have seen regarding the symptoms that I was experiencing.

Once I met Dr. Benison, he was an obvious choice. Before he even presumed that he would be my physician he started asking me caring questions regarding my health. He gave more time and discernment to me before I was even his patient than any other doctor ever had. Since then, I have been seeing Dr. Benison only as often as necessary. My headaches, sinus issues, and migraine symptoms have practically ceased. His care does not merely consist of a 2 second adjustment and a pat on the back, like some other chiropractic practices may, but always include several different types of therapy, discussions on health, nutrition, lifestyle, and sport.

He is not just a "chiropractor" but an advocate for his patients' health. The team at Benison Family Chiropractic is warm, caring, and make you feel like you are in the right place for wellness. If you are feeling anything less than 100%, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Benison and his caring Team!"

- Daniel C.

"My husband started seeing Dr. Benison a few months a go for his back pain. Dr. Benison was highly recommended by both of our neighbors. My husband was very impressed with Dr. Benison in how thorough he was and continues to be. An added and unexpected plus in how Dr. Benison has helped our family is with our 5 year old son. My son has struggled with reoccurring sinus infections and bad coughs on a monthly basis. My husband and I were at the doctor's office with my son on average twice a month.

We had reached a point where our doctor and ENT suggested our son have his adenoids removed this past June. My husband was nervous about putting our son under and the possible complications. My husband happened to mention this to Dr. Benison and Dr. Benison shared how chiropractory has helped children with these problems. I was very skeptical to try I have to admit but my husband and I agreed to give Dr. Benison a try with your son for a few months. It is now almost the end of July so in about 2 months of visiting Dr. Benison here are the improvements I have seen. My son had been on nasonex for 2 plus years because he constantly sniffled ( 24/7) - he is no longer on the medication and he does not have any sniffles. I know I need to knock on wood but my son has also not had a sinus infection or even gotten any kind of sickness since the beginning of June. This has never happened.

Another advantage that we were not even aware of is that Dr. Benison found our son has one leg that is a little shorter then the other.. like my husband. Unfortunately, this is why my husband has such back problems now. The adjustments Dr. Benison is doing now with our son will hopefully help prevent him from having as many back problems as my husband because his issue is being treated before there is a problem.

Last but not least, the most impressive thing to me is that my son likes going to see Dr. Benison and has not once complained. Dr. Benison makes him feel like " super man" and the staff that help Dr. Benison are so sweet. I am very pleased that my family is being treated by Dr. Benison and I highly recommend him!"

- Jennifer S.

"Dr. Benison has taken care of me for 10 years. He has put me back in shape more times than I can recall. He keeps me well and functioning. That's why I nicknamed him "Dr. Golden Hands." Dr. Benison is not only an outstanding and highly competent chiropractor, but his ethics are above reproach. It's always a pleasure to come into his office. His staff are always pleasant, competent and ready to help. They set the tone of his office. I have recommended Dr. B. more times than I can remember and always hear wonderful comments and compliments about him from my recommendations. To me he is top notch. Thanks Doc for taking such good care of me and others as well."

- Ruth G.

"Dr. Benison's chiropractic care has been instrumental in my life. All aspects of my life have improved since I incorporated chiropractic care and massage into my wellness plan: I am able to do my complete workout regimen, which includes jogging, weight lifting, and abdominal work without pain. He is truly committed to his patients' well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. I am a "walking" testimonial for Dr. Benison - I have referred many loved ones to him since he is a doctor I can trust. Thank you Dr. Benison & Team! Keep up the GREAT work!"

- Jodi M.

"Dr. Ian is very knowledgeable with his practice. He takes his time with each patient and always corrects the issues. It amazes me how he is able to fix my problems every time. His staff is also very courteous, friendly, and helpful. I have never tried another chiropractor but I don't need to since Dr. Benison is the best!"

- Don L.

"If every health care provider had the ethics, care, concern, in depth knowledge of area of expertise, we would be a nation of healthy people. The nick name of DR. GOLDENHANDS is quite fitting!"

- Susan S.

"Dr. Benison, Is a very hands on chiropractor who is very up to date on todays chiropractic procedures. Dr Benison takes his time to examine you, to make sure that he is getting to the root of the problem that you may have. I highly recommend him in both a personal and professional level."

- Jay C.

"I've known Dr. Ian Benison for ten years. He's the best chiropractor I've found in South Florida. Very qualified. Highly recommended."

- Paul N.

"Dr. Ian is an amazing chiropractor. His attention to detail and expertise as a physician keeps me coming back for care. I joyfully recommend clients to him so they can deepen their healing."

- Julie F.

"Dr. Benison has provided the best chiropractic care I've ever had. I've been under the constant care of chiropractic providers for over 20 years and none have been as thorough, dedicated or passionate. Each adjustment is based on what I need at the time, not the same adjustment every visit. His sincerity to provide the best service possible is beyond words. His staff is caring and helpful and will always go above and beyond your expectations. Dr. Benison stays on top of the current research and literature available and applies it to his clients when appropriate. If your looking for personalized chiropractic care at its best, this is the place to go."

- Anonymous

"Amazing chiropractor, honest and trustworthy, been using him for thirteen or so years and I believe he has prolonged my very physically strenuous massage career. family oriented practice, given many referrals would recommend him highly."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Benison is the absolute epitome of a true health care professional in every conceivable way. His competence and business acumen also extends to his staff who reflects his insistence upon putting the care of his patients as their number one priority. Both my wife and I have been under his care for several years, and have experienced far better "qualities of life" thanks to his expertise, care, and corresponding positive medical results. His knowledge and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis has been vital to his treatment of my wife and his expert diagnosis of my nervous system problems brought on by a combination of a birth defect, some spinal injuries and the effects of arthritis brought on by the aging process, have provided me with the needed treatments for both occasional "flair-ups" as well as a practical and necessary maintenance program."

- Anonymous

"My family has gone to Dr Benison for many years and we have found him to be extremely competent, compassionate, and excellent in care. He is thorough and takes time to treat the whole person and help keep you healthy. The staff is also extremely nice, pleasant, and helpful. The office has a wonderful atmosphere of healing and non-stressful. I highly recommend this chiropractor."

- Anonymous

"I've been a patient of Dr. Benison for 10 years for an off and on sciatic condition as well as other conditions. Why go elsewhere when you have the very best.... he is caring, considerate, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, gentle..and in a word ...AMAZING.. He really listens to you and never excellent office staff..."

- Anonymous

"Hands down, Dr. Benison is one of the most knowledgeable and caring doctors I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He always takes the time to LISTEN to concerns and answer all questions. He is also professional enough to let you know when an ailment may be out of the scope of chiropractic care. I was lucky enough to receive care from Dr. Benison for the two years that I lived in Florida and am struggling to find another chiropractor I trust half as much."

- Anonymous

"I went to see Dr. Benison last year with low back pain after a powerlifting competition. My pain markedly decreased after a few visits, and I periodically see Dr. Benison to maintain my spinal health. Thanks to Dr. Benison's thoroughness and professionalism, I can train and compete with safety and strength."

- Anonymous

"I was skeptical about visiting a Chiropractor for my low back pain. Dr. Benison set my mind at ease right away. He explained everything and showed me exactly what was causing my pain. I felt relief after the first treatment and I can sleep a lot better now. I am so happy with Dr. Benison! What a great doctor!"

- Anonymous

"Dr. Benison helped me with my hip and back pain that made it difficult to walk and sit. He had recommended four weeks of treatment but within a couple of treatments he already had me walking without pain and sleeping thru the night pain-free for the first time in nearly a year. Dr. Benison, his staff and the entire experience has exceeded my expectations."

- Anonymous

"I got Dr. Benison's name from a friend and also reviewed his ratings on this site and before calling for an appointment. I saw Dr. Benison for neck pain and because I could not turn my head to the left without clicking and pain. Within six treatments my problems are better, I am sleeping thru the night and able to read again without neck pain. I have been to two other chiropractors in Boynton and Delray Beach before coming here. I wish I came in here first. They have the kindest office manager too."

- Anonymous

"I saw Dr. Benison. His staff was great, he was kind and explained his exam and what was found during exam and x-ray. Treatment was gentle and he explained all the treatments. I saw him for four treatments prior to me leaving town to go back home. He was able to help me with my back problem and allowed me to make the drive up-north without pain. He also found an issue that required me to be seen by another specialist which my internist did not find. I will see him again when I come back to Boynton Beach, FL. next year."

- Anonymous

"After seeing Dr. Benison this year, my headaches went from happening three to four times per week for nearly a decade to now only happening about once per month and sometimes less. No other doctor or drug has helped to the degree that Dr. Benison has. If you have headaches you should give him a try. Thank you."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Benison's staff is very helpful on the phone. Dr. Benison explained my problem and discussed a treatment program that I followed for my low back and leg pain. This treatment was successful in reducing my pain considerably where injections and medications failed to provide me with lasting relief. The best part is that I can sit and travel again without shooting leg pain. I strongly recommend you try this office and not wait needlessly like I did."

- Anonymous

"Our 9 year old daughter started developing headaches at school. After speaking with Dr. Benison we decided she could benefit from chiropractic care. It had not occurred to my husband of myself that children, as with adults can also experience conditions that need adjusting. We had already seen a pediatric neurologist and been through a series of testing but never felt that they were properly diagnosing our daughter's condition. Medication was the their first recommendation. We decided that we would rather treat with chiropractic care. Dr. Benison's exam, treatment and sensitivity to our daughter and genuine concern for her overall health put our minds to rest. His knowledge and expertise continues to impress us. We now bring our 6 year old in for treatment as well. Our daughter's headaches have subsided and they are now so intune to their bodies that they now tell us when they feel they need to see Dr. Benison!"

- Anonymous

"I was pleased with how thorough Dr. Benison's exam was. I have been to chiropractors before and was impressed with his knowledge about my problem and the gentleness of the treatment. I felt immmediate relief after the first session and appreciated the follow-up phone call he personally made to me later that day to see how I was feeling. After my second session, my pain was nearly gone after being present for four months! I look forward to the rest of the treatment. I have already recommended my neighbor."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Benisons office saw me exactlyl at my alloted appointment time with no wait. Examination and consultation was performed without being rushed and was very detailed compared to other chiropractic experiences. Treatment was gentle and effective for my recent low back injury. Dr. Benison was able to explain and alleviate my problem just in time for my scheduled cruise the next day. We were so thankful, my husband and I sent a postcard to his office while on our trip to let him know we were doing great!"

- Anonymous


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